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Welcome to the world of BUERN TOOLS. Buern Tools introduces its new innovative line of fastening tools designed to solve your problems when it come to securing cargo or stabilizing equipment and etc.. The Buern Tool can be made of Aluminum, Bronze, Stainless Steel, or otherwise customized to meet your load bearing and safety requirement.

Buern Tools was developed with one purpose in mind; make the world a safer place through advancements in fastening technology. The Buern (Bolt Using Extendable Retractable Nut) Tool is the first in a line of products moving Buern Tools toward this goal. Welcome to the World of Buern Tools.

The Buern Tools is the preferred choice of fasteners for strapping down cargo at sea using the strap down sea rails, in hot shot, pickup or flatbed applications using strap down bed rails, or in any form of equipment restraint that requires safe and efficient securing.

Buern Tools will manufacture custom sized tools in materials of your choosing for your unique application.

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